“There is no way to repress pleasure and expect liberation, satisfaction, or joy.”
― Adrienne Maree Brown

If you find yourself wondering what is the purpose of the life you built, questioning what it is you really want – what would actually make you happy –

I likely will be able to help you.

This work is designed for ambitious, high-achieving women, who have mastered the rule book, women who may have been called “gifted” growing up, who often take care of everyone else before caring for themselves, who often intimidate men…
And are feeling dissatisfied, fed up, frustrated, or lacking passion in the life they’ve worked so hard to build.

If this sounds like you

Our 1-1 calls will help you discover underlying blocks that are getting in the way of you fully loving yourself and having the courage to pursue a life full of passion — including being surrounded by people who embrace and love you for who you are. With real, pragmatic answers to move through that nagging feeling that there must be more to this story.

Multi-session offering

Dive deep into the root of a core wound. These sessions begin with divination to unearth hidden stories that are conducting your lived reality. Then we walk through ways you can begin unpicking and rewiring the codes that are holding you back. We do this over 3-6 sessions, with targeted whatsapp support. While this work is substantially impactful and will reshape the trajectory of your life, it is important to understand that there are no “quick fixes” when it comes to core healing (+beware of the mainstream people and narratives that try to convince you otherwise). I work with you where you are at, and everything accessed will adapt with your life long after our time together.

Each call includes divination, mentoring, EFT tapping and/or practices that build on each other to create a foundation to adapt with your evolving dreams.

$1,650 – $3,300 USD

Prices differ for BIPOC and cultures directly harmed by European colonization. Inquire within.

Single Clarity Session

Not ready to fully dive in yet? Find clarity on a core wound or block that is preventing you from fully indulging and living a life you actually want to be living. This is an excellent place to start; unconscious, hidden stories will come to the surface and you can begin percolating on how you want to move forward. 

This session includes a single divination, mentoring, EFT tapping and/or a somatic practice that supports your alchemical shifts. 

45 MINS; $333 USD

Prices differ for BIPOC and cultures directly harmed by European colonization. Inquire within.

Looking for something else?

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What People are Saying

“…these synchronicities are crazy.

the timing of this could not have been better…these synchronicities are crazy. I can’t wait to debrief all that is unfolding

“filled with gratitude”

I wasn’t sure what to expect from my first session with Amelia, but it was such a lovely and eye-opening experience for me. Their understanding of my current situation was uncanny…I am filled with gratitude for Amelia’s gifts and insights, and would recommend their work to anyone who feels a need to shift, but maybe isn’t sure the best way to proceed.

“I feel different”

my life…I feel different now. I can’t really put it into words. I feel the code living within me.

“Defies logic”

There are a lot of self-described ‘healers’ out there and while I’m sure some are the real deal, it makes me wary. So thank god for what I’ve come to see as the divine intervention that led me to work with you. I’m still in awe of how much help and healing I have received from your practice. It defies logic.

Integral to this work is the belief that you already have what you need within you, and together we can discover what is getting in the way; everyone will thrive when properly supported.

For More

 To answer more questions, please email Amelia@AlchemistJones.com