Though we do not wholly believe it yet,
the interior life is a real life,
and the intangible dreams of people
have a tangible effect on the world.


James Baldwin




Access Joy, Satisfaction, + Confidence in:

Your Relationships
Your Career
+ Creative Enterprises.

Alchemist Jones is…

Psychic Guidance, Vitality Coaching, Energy Healing + Embodiment work for people ready to embrace their innate radiance and live a life their inspired by.

How it works…

With every session clients are held, witnessed, and given bespoke tools to navigate through their experience from a place of rooted power. Together we map a trajectory of what you’ve been through, where you are currently, and how to emerge in the fullest expression of your power. Integral to this work is the belief that you already have what you need within you, and together we can discover what is getting in the way. People often seek out this healing when they are in a transition period or a rut – maybe you’ve had some success in certain areas of your life but are finding old, undesirable patterns that are still lingering? Or you’ve made room in your life for something you want, but aren’t sure of the best way forward?

The healing that happens during our time together teaches you to root in your truth, weaving in relationships with Spirit Guides, Animal and Plant Allies, wisdom and connection to your well Ancestors… After that connection is made and you know how to access it, the path forward is often very creative and playful.

Amelia advocates for practices that will evolve with you outside of each session, and the teachings follow with you throughout your life.

“We don’t heal people, we give people the proper support so that they can advocate for themself, their desires, and their dreams…”

“Creativity + creative expression is the Gold.”

“…everyone will thrive when properly supported”

– the Alchemist

Divination, practices, and tools included in sessions:

EFT Tapping
Divination (Tarot, Scrying, Runes, Singing)
Astrology (birth chart readings)
Magick + Ritual
Ancestral + Guide communications
Sound + Energy Healing…

*most, if not all, are included in our sessions. Things can be left out if they are not necessary for you during our time together.

“You are literally sewing someone’s voice back into them…it’s very beautiful.”

Dr. Kate Tomas, Mentor

Who is this for?

People often come to me focusing on one or two areas of their life:

1. Creativity, creation, work, career, art, music, writing, your craft… your relationship to creating, how your body needs to heal… I most often work with people who were “gifted” at a young age and had their abilities/body stifled.

2. Relationships: particularly romance, but not exclusively. How you relate to others and feel you belong (or don’t) in relationships, how you want to shift and change old patterns that no longer serve you in romantic partnerships

All offerings are available in-person and are at a sliding-scale rate

Sessions at Alchemist Jones are a powerful container in which you are supported and empowered to move, change or transform energy and trauma response patterning, and to do so from a place of embodiment and integration, so that when the session is over you carry new information with you in your body, experientially, out into your daily life. Like a piece of computer code, this new information offers an immediately and readily available alternative to the well-worn neural pathways of trauma response and behavioral habit.

After only a few sessions we wear new neural pathways informed by your conscious desires, enabling you to respond to old triggers in new ways that feel good and supportive to your goals. 

In our sessions together we move, change or transform energetic blocks in order to heal trauma, create space within ourselves, and remake our patterns to bring us more joy. We do this IN our session together, in real time, allowing desire, passion, and pleasure to light the path.

“…honestly don’t think I ever would have found you or worked with you if you hadn’t been personally recommended to me. There are a lot of self-described ‘healers’ out there and while I’m sure some are the real deal, it makes me wary. So thank god for what I’ve come to see as the divine intervention that led me to work with you. I’m still in awe of how much help and healing I have received from your practice. It defies logic.”

Intensive client, Writer + Artist