Alchemist Jones

My coaching is for artists, writers, musicians and people looking to live a more creative life

Coaching and Intensive offerings:

Confidence + Inner child

This coaching teaches you to reclaim your power, is a lesson in radiance and guides you to embody and connect to your authentic voice.

3 sessions, $1,900  USD


removing creative blocks

Discover what is getting in the way and remove that shit. Learn why it was there to begin with, access your creative flow, your rhythm, and how to channel inspiration CONSISTENTLY.

3 sessions, $1,900 USD


Relationship coaching for men

Unlearn toxic masculinity, repair your relationship with yourself, and have deeply fulfilling relationships with others. Return everything that was once lost to you through embodied self-love.

6 sessions, $3,800 USD


Astrology and Tarot single sessions:

Birth chart Burning question

Get answers. Now. This session is a rapid reading to answer one or two burning questions. We focus in on one area of your birth chart and do a three card tarot pull to bring together your answers. All of my readings include actionable steps to take with you.

Single session, $333 USD


Ancestral song

In this session I use your astrological birth chart to create a musical playlist and relay messages from your well and healed Ancestors. Then I channel a song which I share with you and the ancestors via my ancestral singing for healing, support, and connection. This process is unlike anything I’ve seen before and wildly inspiring.

Single session, $444 USD


Every offering focuses on reigniting your embodied, powerful, unbridled expression, + joyful relationship with self…

Simply put, this work will help you:
1. unearth what you desire and love,
2. recognize everything that is getting in the way,
3. physically and energetically transform your life to meet your desire.

meet the alchemist

I love what i do! supporting people to live their best life is immeasurably rewarding. my experience and awareness allows me to peer into the undercurrent of your patterns, unearth what is hidden, and give you the proper tools and support to generate a joyful, dynamic life.


*All coaching takes place virtually on Zoom
(Yay, technology!)