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Though we do not wholly believe it yet,
the interior life is a real life,
and the intangible dreams of people
have a tangible effect on the world.


James Baldwin




Come with me and you’ll be in a world of pure imagination…

Where dreams meet conscious, embodied action.

Choose your own adventure…

0. Voice Healing for Creators

Unearth and embody your Authentic voice. Our voice is the home and material expression of our inner most desires and beliefs. Many of us learn to suppress, hide, overuse, and misalign with the power of our voice, and this will show up in our work and creative process. When you are rooted in your power and connected to your unique instrument your voice flows with ease – the phrasing of your expression is both commanding + mesmerizing. No matter what you create or how you show up in the world, Voice Healing will help you love yourself and love what you do.

Single Session

$333 USD

1. Confidence + removing creative blocks

This is an intensive in soul alchemy, guiding creative folks who don’t feel connected to their true, authentic voice. After that connection is formed, nothing can hold you back from reclaiming your power. This coaching is a lesson in radiance and guides you to embody your brilliance. You will discover what is getting in the way of your craft and remove that shit. Learn why it was there to begin with, access your creative flow, your rhythm, and how to channel inspiration CONSISTENTLY.

1-3 months
$1,900-$3,800 USD

2. Alchemy of Romance + Relating

How we relate to ourselves and how we relate to others is one of the greatest sources of joy and suffering. Repair your relationship with yourself and see this healing reflected in your relationships with others. Learn to communicate past wounds and move through them to have deeply vulnerable and fulfilling connections. Fundamentally understand what you’ve been missing and where you learned toxic patterns. Return what was lost to you through embodied self-love.

3 months
$3,800 USD

All offerings are available in-person and are at a sliding-scale rate

“…honestly don’t think I ever would have found you or worked with you if you hadn’t been personally recommended to me. There are a lot of self-described ‘healers’ out there and while I’m sure some are the real deal, it makes me wary. So thank god for what I’ve come to see as the divine intervention that led me to work with you. I’m still in awe of how much help and healing I have received from your practice. It defies logic.”

Intensive client, Writer + Artist

“You are literally sewing someone’s voice back into them…it’s very beautiful.”

Dr. Kate Tomas, Mentor

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