“You are the alchemical gold you seek”

People look for this work when they’re feeling frustrated, stuck, and ready to lean into change. 

Often when we are in transition or about to undergo a shift (breakup, career change, move, self exploration…) it can feel destabilizing and insecure. These readings allow you to find clarity and support in luminous, malleable energetic codes; a beacon you can rely on during emotional storms.

If this intrigues you


Our 1-1 calls will help you discover underlying blocks that are getting in the way of you fully loving yourself and having the courage to pursue a life full of passion — including being surrounded by people who embrace and love you for who you are. Move through the world with magickal, luminous blueprints that adapt with you long after our time together. 

You are the Gold reading

Intuitive messages from well Ancestors, Spirit Guides, and your inner desires. Each reading is a divination (tarot, runes, bibliomancy and/or scrying) plus intuitive movement and sound healing to allow these messages and codes to move through and with you. This work guides you to realize and actualize your genius, your voice, and what is blocking your hidden messages within.

You are the alchemical gold that you seek, together we can discover the energetic blueprints to create your desired reality.

The sessions are live, 30-45 minutes via the app Signal

$333 USD

Prices differ for BIPOC and cultures directly harmed by European colonization. Inquire within.


What People are Saying

“really fucking in awe”

I’m crying right now fyi…like what even do you do that is so dazzlingly psychedelic? It already awakened something in me…really fucking in awe.

“nothing short of magic”

I just feel so light right now, like there is luminous energy bursting underneath my skin…Thank you so much Amelia. So many things fluttering around inside of me in the most delightful of ways. I can’t wait to feel them land over the coming period and reflect back to you what it means for me. This has been nothing short of magic, thank you for seeing the world in the enlivening ways that you do

“needed this”

That was beyond a Tarot reading. I really needed this release, this articulation… all these things. My Ancestors are so chatty and I feel them all around me. Thank you so much. 

Integral to this work is the belief that you already have what you need within you, and together we can discover what is getting in the way; everyone will thrive when properly supported.

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