“I can’t believe how powerful this experience has been, and how quickly I felt better, stronger, more at ease. This has been the most efficient healing I’ve ever experienced…”

I wasn’t sure what to expect from my first session with Amelia, but it was such a lovely and eye-opening experience for me. Their understanding of my current situation was uncanny, and I felt very seen and supported by the messages I received from my healed ancestors, plant allies, and other guides. This work has given me a doorway into a spiritual practice that I didn’t realize was missing from my life, while also reminding me of the tools to help me get there: reconnecting with my joy, creating better boundaries, and emphasizing play in my life. I am filled with gratitude for Amelia’s gifts and insights, and would recommend their work to anyone who feels a need to shift, but maybe isn’t sure the best way to proceed. 

“…honestly don’t think I ever would have found you or worked with you if you hadn’t been personally recommended to me. There are a lot of self-described ‘healers’ out there and while I’m sure some are the real deal, it makes me wary. So thank god for what I’ve come to see as the divine intervention that led me to work with you. I’m still in awe of how much help and healing I have received from your practice. It defies logic.”

 Amelia is the only person I would trust to work with my voice. As a person who had experienced so much trauma around the use and expression of my voice, Amelia held space for me in a radical way that shifted my perspective and never made me feel like I was reopening old wounds, rather transmuting and healing them in real time.

“Working with Amelia is seriously like reverse-engineered therapy… you get the healing and overall happiness up front, and the kinds of realizations I associate with analysis, like about how my parents’ treatment affected me, emerge at their own pace.”

“I can’t believe how powerful this experience has been, and how quickly I felt better, stronger, more at ease. This has been the most efficient healing I’ve ever experienced. I honestly am feeling a little bitter about all the time I’ve wasted before this.”

I didn’t know what to expect going into this session, and what I received was the healing I didn’t know I needed. Amelia honed in on the Pluto placement in my birth chart, which brought us straight into some poignant energetic truths about lineage, breaking patterns, and remaking ancestral stories anew for future generations. Heavy topics woven with a light hand and twinkly eye. They introduced me to a fascinating correlation between astrology and musical theory, guided me through a simple but potent body meditation, then channeled something altogether otherworldly through improvised song that seemed to open gates for support and healing from the beyond. I walked – or rather, floated – away feeling lighter, brighter, and at peace. I sensed that Amelia had channeled some sort of cosmic permission for me to release and relinquish that which is not for me, without any sadness or angst – all without me even knowing it was happening. Is this the power of song? Of sound? Maybe. But it’s also the power of a gifted healer, feeling into the spaces you carry around with you like a walking museum, and illuminating certain rooms so that a hollowed hall becomes warm again: soft-lit, ambient, alive. Even if you don’t exactly know what it is you’re looking for out of a session like this, Amelia’s process and presence has the power to tune you, both literally and figuratively, to the vibration you most need. I am very grateful for this experience.

“It’s actually very hard to put into words what I’ve experienced with Amelia,  because the work we do is truly beyond words. I find where other teachers are explaining things, the process with Amelia feels exponentially as fast, because instead of explaining “how” I might go about changing something, they work with the alchemy of the moment. We hop between topics until  I arrive at the idea of what I want to do myself, leaving me not just with a great idea, but also empowered that I am fucking smart and capable…”

YOUR VOICE WORK IS SO POTENT. Legit a turn around in how I interacted with voice and singing within an hour of ending our call.

“Amelia is a light. They gave me the tools I was looking for to help heal and accept my life’s traumas. Amelia guided me in understanding that my trauma is not my fault. That being a sensitive and emotional person is not a weakness but a badass strength. Amelia supported me in such a caring and gentle way, while still having real and raw conversations. I truly feel like they heard me and felt my energy. I am so grateful for Amelia and their guidance during this part of my life’s journey.”

Lauren, Seattle

“Amelia has helped me in ways I cannot fully comprehend yet. I regard them as a spiritual guide and someone who can help navigate some of the darkest parts of the psyche while providing assurance, assistance and clarity. Amelia has allowed a space for me to become a more responsible cis-gendered man and a functioning human amongst turmoil.”

Chris, Portland

Amelia, thank you so much! I am using what you taught me literally every day. I am so grateful to have your wisdom and skill in my life!

Working with Amelia equipped me with knowledge about my vocal cords, breathing, and energy centers that fundamentally changed the way I approach my own voice and ability to vocalize. Their coaching and the exercises they had me do created significant shifts that have already made me a more confident teacher and communicator. 

Adrienne @RevaRecovery

“Working with Amelia helped me through tremendous grief in order to find myself amid feeling angry and loneliness in a positive and healthy manner while I was both physically and mentally unwell… I would recommend Amelia for anyone looking for a positive and objective view of one’s natural intuition and subconscious actions with regard to intimacy and self-care.”

Brandon, Los Angeles

It makes so much sense that your moon is in Pisces! I felt/feel completely safe and accepted sharing with you. You have such a beautiful gift in how you work with people! I really feel I’m on the right track after the lesson. Thank you SO, so much, Amelia! 

“I would recommend a session with Amelia to anyone who is neurodivergent, (either new to the divergent world or long-time diagnosed) who is interested in the magickal world through a very practical, nerdy and artistic lens. I have worked with so many mentors, and as cheesy as it sounds, I would highly recommend booking now while they still have space in their calendar.”

“If you ever wondered how to find your joy or path toward self-empowerment, sign up for a session or course with Amelia.  They worked with me to develop a language to link my mind, body, and feelings to tap into all sorts of internal and external sources of motivation.  Amelia’s methods are refreshingly unconventional, and I attained levels of harmony, self-love, and well-being with them that I couldn’t with therapists I have tried in the past… Amelia is very caring, deeply respectful, and healing.”

“I really appreciate Amelia’s time and energy – what I took away the most was being reminded of whole-self needs; how self-care can be as simple as taking a deep breath or repositioning; reminding myself how much I love music; practicing being open/vulnerable… good stuff.”

Carolyn, San Luis Obispo

Integral to this work is the belief that you already have what you need within you, and together we can discover what is getting in the way; everyone will thrive when properly supported.

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