the Alchemist

Alchemy al·che·my| ˈalkəmē |  n.

         A seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination

Soul | sōl |  n.

           the immaterial essence, animating principle, or actuating cause of an individual life

    a person’s total self.

Escort, es·​cort | e-ˌskȯrt |  n.

   a person or group of persons accompanying another to give protection; a guide. 

About the Alchemist

Amelia (they/them/their) is a Soul Escort, carefully guiding people back to their power. They are descended from chemists, healers, druids, bards, religious leaders, psychics, farmers and people who have had intuitive relationships with land and nature. Their practice is informed by critical thought, divine intuition, creative expression, innate and highly trained psychic abilities, empirical evidence, experience, magick, and their lifelong ability to discern vibrational patterns of people, animals, plants…

Their readings, mentoring, and coaching incorporates Psychic Guidance, Voice + Sound Healing, EFT Tapping, Divination, Astrology, and embodiment practices that they’ve curated from experience. With every session clients are held, witnessed, and given bespoke tools to navigate through their experience from a place of rooted power. Together we map an expansive trajectory of what you’ve been through, where you are currently, and how to emerge in the fullest expression of your power. Integral to this work is the belief that you already have what you need within you, and together we can discover what is getting in the way. Amelia advocates for practices that will evolve with you outside of each session, and the teachings follow with you throughout your life.

Amelia has a B.M. in music performance – classical voice, coloratura Opera, and the pedagogy of singing. They were trained and worked as a birth and postpartum doula before devoting almost a decade to understanding trauma – how it materializes in the body, what obstructs creativity, and how to tangibly transform that information for embodied, empowered self-expression. 

Amelia is trans (non-binary/agender/gender-creative), in relationship with chronic pain (EDS, MCAS, POTS…), and has several flavors of neurodivergence and synesthesia. They are a descendant of colonizers (what is now Wales, Germany, Ireland, Czech Republic, Scandinavia…) and reside on occupied Chumash territory (also known as San Luis Obispo, CA). 

Mycelium healing

For the past 14 years I’ve been in intimate relationships with Psilocybe mushrooms; they taught me soul retrieval. Simply put, soul retrieval is returning pieces of us that were once lost, and deeply rooting in our complete self. This is not a stagnant process, but as a dynamic fractal-flow of awareness and connection that continues throughout life. I (and many others) believe that everyone already has what we need within us, and through lived and inherited experience we lose connection, or awareness of this connection as it can never truly be lost. Many believe that this disconnect (and all it impacts) is one of the deepest wounds we can experience.

Rooting in our self and our power can feel like returning to the unwavering truth of who we are, deeply loving and/or wanting to understand every expression of who we are, and believing in our inherent worth. Soul retrieval can teach us to seek out the proper support, and carefully sift through obstacles and trauma with observant, compassionate awareness. 

When I first took magic mushrooms I felt my whole self return. I laughed and cried so hard, I was submerged in the deepest expression of embodied pleasure, I grieved a lifetime of loss and trauma and was held through all of it – all of which I knew was there and knew it needed to surface, but previously had no blueprint as the world I came from taught me to restrict and hide. It was the first of many experiences where I felt truly seen and supported. I would not be the person I am today without them; the essence of what I’ve learned from mushrooms guides my work and existence.

Everyone will thrive when properly supported.

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